Our Dental Implant Pricing

Spread Your Payments Over Months. We offer 0% (No Interest) over 3 Years
& Low-Interest Finance up to 5 Years.

An exact fee for the proposed treatment will be provided following clinical evaluation by a dentist and a written treatment plan will always be provided to you for your consideration.

During your free consultation with a dentist, you will be provided with all the available treatment options. You will also be able to ask your questions in a friendly, professional and private environment. 

TreatmentPriceMonthly Price based on 0% Finance/12 Months (Example)Monthly Price based on 9.9% APR/5 Years (Example)
Consultation with Dr VekariaFree--
Conventional Dental Implant and Zirconia Crown (Each)From £2,000From £166.66£499.01
All on 4 (Acrylic Bridge)£12,500£1,041.66£260.32
All on 4 (Porcelain Bridge)£14,500£1,208.33£301.98
6 Implants supported 12 unit bridgeworkFrom £15,000 - £18,000VariesVaries
8-10 implants supported 14 units Bridgework£25,000£2,083.33£520.65
Implant Retained Denture with 6 Implants£9,000£750.00£187.43
Zygomatic Implants (each)£3,000£250.00£62.47
Pterygoid Implants (each)£3,000£250.00£62.47
Sinus Graft Procedure (per side)£3,500£291.66£72.89
Sinus Lift Procedure (per side)£800-£1,500VariesVaries
Nerve Repositioning (per side)£4,000£333.33£83.30
Onlay Block Bone Graft (per side)£4,000£333.33£83.30
Anterior Bone Graft (per side)£4,000£333.33£83.30